Tomorrow Will Be Nothing Like Today

 Will be Nothing Like Today
Performance by Madeline Hollander
October 27, 8-10pm
Off Vendome
254 W 23rd St. #2, New York

Madeline Hollander's performance Tomorrow Will Be Nothing Like Today presents four dancers, a suspended ropes course that divides the length of the gallery, a carpetted stage, and a soundtrack composed of various kareoke versions of Carona's "Rythm of the Night." The choreography is inspired by the closing credits scene from Claire Denis' film "Beau Travail" as well as scenes from "The Red Shoes" and movements from the Italian folk dance, the "Tarantella." 
Tomorrow Will Be Nothing LIke Today is performed by Marielis Garcia, Katie Gaydos, Madeline Hollander and Nicole Mannarino and presented on the occasion of the closing of Kyle Thurman’s solo exhibition A Lonely Butcher at Off Vendome.