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Performance by Madeline Hollander
1-3pm, May 24, 2017
Galeria Slyzmud
Bonpland 721
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Madeline Hollander’s site-specific work, 365, is a durational performance created for the exhibition "The Derivatives," a project by Alan Segal & Larisa Zmud, and is composed of movement sequences that connect cement mixing trucks, performers, and pedestrians. 

Each cement truck rotates exactly 365 times, representing 1 earth  year, while six performers repeat 12-step movement sequences, representing the months of the year, that draw choreographic inspiration from both cultural and  mechanized modes of counting, measuring and keeping time. 

In this piece, the sidewalk both  unites and inverts the roles of the performers and  the pedestrians. Concrete, the most widely used material in the world, becomes the stage. The two essential elements in concrete, sand and water, are now considered endangered natural resources.

365 is performed by Julián Dubié, Flor sanchez Elia, Madeline Hollander, Mauricio Zmud, Tomás  Deías Spreng, Fenomix and  NOREP. 

Special thanks to Fenomix, NOREP, Dubié and Álamos for their participation and  generous support.