Immediate Release

Immediate Release: 10 Movement Sequences by Madeline Hollander
Performed on the occasion of Alexandra Lerman's exhibition Immediate Release, Tina Kim Gallery, New York, May - June, 2014

Hollander's continuously looping performance presents 10 movement sequences that combine Apple Inc.'s touch screen gestures, Bikram Choudhury Yoga Inc. poses, choreography from Balanchine™ Ballets, selfies, emojis, texting, liking, and patented exercise regimes to create a contemporary May-pole dance that re-configures our culture’s daily corporeal vocabularies.

The music is composed by the sound artist, Celia Hollander, and the costumes are by ARJUNA.AG, Mikaela Bradbury’s silver-plated protective clothing line that blocks electro-magnetic fields from cellphones and other electronics.

Music: Celia Hollander

Costumes: ARJUNA.AG by Mikaela Bradbury

Dancers: Andrew Champlin, Marielis Garcia, James Graber, Mary Beth HansohnMadeline Hollander, Carolyn Lockhart, Jeremy Pheiffer

Immediate Release, Tina Kim Gallery, 2014
Press Release by A.E. Benenson

Exhibition by Alexandra Lerman
Performances by Madeline Hollander
Curated by Ceren Erdem